This Week Sept. 23 – 27


Hello Parents!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend!  This week will be a very busy week in both Language Arts and Social Studies.  Your students will be learning new topics in both subjects.

In Social Studies we will begin learning about the Triangle Trade Route.  We will be discussing new vocabulary words, and doing an online interactive lesson.   We will also be participating in a simulation on Thursday; we are asking students to bring in fruit, potato chips in sealed bags, toy animals such as cows, sheep, horses, coffee, sugar, Kleenex (this is an excellent time to get those extra credit points), cloth, or other items.  Please note that we will not be consuming items, and all items can be returned after the simulation if needed.  Please do not send items that would require heat or refrigeration.  Students will be awarded a “treat” if brought in.

In Language Arts, we will be looking at how authors and artists are similar in that both groups of creators use their own experiences as motivation or inspiration for their work. Students will be responding to art pieces in poems and next week they will be creating their own piece of art to interpret poems.

This is also a reminder that Progress Reports went home on Thursday. Please sign and return if not already done so. Returning progress reports counts as a homework grade. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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