This Week October 7th – 11th


This week in Language Arts, students will continue working with poetry: specifically, figurative language. They have been working with partners and in groups this past week, so this week they will be working independently. They will also be taking their 2nd ClassScape test to assess their knowledge of poetry.

This week in Social Studies–we will be concluding our unit on Early Exploration.  We will be covering Native American Conflict on the East Coast, the Scientific Revolution, and The Enlightenment.  Students will be creating an artifact, learning about a scientist, and sharing what they have learned. There will be a Unit Test on Thursday to ensure that students are learning!  A reminder that the Social Studies Project is due on October 10th!

There is no school on Friday. This is a teacher workday.

If you have any questions, see the Contact Information page on ways to ask them. 🙂


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