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American Revolution Vocabulary Words

1.         Parliament–The part of the British government in which members make laws for the British people

2.         Ally–A friend, especially in time of war

3.         Tax–Money that is paid by the people to run the country

4.         Loyalist–A colonist who supported the British monarch and laws

5.         Representation–Acting or speaking on behalf of someone or something

6.         Treason–Working against one’s own government

7.         Petition–A request for action signed by many people

8.         Boycott–A refusal to buy goods or services repeal To undo a law or tax

9.         Consequence-The result of an action

10.       Blockade–To use warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a harbor

11.       Minuteman–A member of the Massachusetts colony militia who could quickly be ready to fight the British

12.       Patriot–A colonist against British rule

13.       Mercenary–A hired soldier

14.       Enlist–To join

15.       Revolution–A sudden, complete change of government

16.       Independence–Freedom to govern one’s own

17.       Regiment–A troop of soldiers

18.       Pacifist–A believer in a peaceful settlement of differences

19.       Movement–An effort by many people

20.       Treaty of Paris–An agreement signed by British and American representatives on September 3, 1783.