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This Week March 10 – 14


Language Arts – This week, students will be starting a unit on the Holocaust. They will be reading about Adolf Hitler and who he was BEFORE he became the tyrant we know him to be and they will be starting a research project. Students will be researching information about different Concentration/Death Camps and will be presenting that information to the rest of the class.

Social Studies – On Monday and Tuesday, we will be wrapping up WWI with the viewing of War Horse. This will give a visual representation of  the people, weapons, and trench warfare we learned about in class.  Wednesday starts a new unit with vocabulary on WWII. Students will be using maps to track the movements of the German army and they will be examining the causes of WWII.

Progress Reports go home on Thursday, March 13th, 2014.




Here are links to student-created Thinglinks. These presentations are how students shared information about some of their favorite African Americans in History.

Aquí están los enlaces de los alumnos-creado Thinglinks. Estas presentaciones son cómo los estudiantes compartieron información acerca de algunos de sus favoritos los afroamericanos en la historia.

This Week – February 24th – 28th


It’s so hard to believe that it’s already the end of February. I know this month is short, but WHEW!! It has FLOWN away.

This week in Language Arts classes, students will be sharing some of the people they have researched for their Black History Month Projects. They will create a GoAminate video to showcase one of their favorites. We will also take a look at poetry written by African Americans. Students will analyze the poems and use new technological tools to create products to express themselves through poetry. We will wrap up the week with an assessment.

In our Social Studies classes, students will continue their learning about WWI. I think they’ve enjoyed it so far. This week we will focus on fighting in the trenches, the Battle of Somme, the end of the war, and the Treaty of Versailles. We will be wrapping up WWI next week.

Thursday afternoon, our school will have a program on Black History Month. Various students and teachers will perform and present information their have learned this month and influential African Americans.

Es tan difícil de creer que ya es el final de febrero. Sé que este mes es corto, pero CARAY!! Ha volado lejos.

Esta semana las clases en Artes del Lenguaje, los estudiantes van a compartir algunas de las personas que han investigado por su mes de la Historia Negra. Se creará un vídeo GoAminate mostrar uno de sus favoritos. También trataremos de poesía escrita por los afroamericanos. Los alumnos analizarán los poemas y el uso de las nuevas herramientas tecnológicas para la creación de productos para expresarse a través de la poesía. Vamos a terminar la semana con una evaluación.

En nuestras clases de Estudios Sociales, los estudiantes podrán continuar su aprendizaje acerca de WWI. Creo que he disfrutado hasta ahora. Esta semana nos centraremos en los combates en las trincheras, la batalla del Somme, el final de la guerra, y en el Tratado de Versalles. Estaremos finalizando WWI próxima semana.

El jueves por la tarde, nuestra escuela tiene un programa de Mes de la Historia Negra. Varios estudiantes y profesores se realice y presente la información han aprendido este mes e influyentes de afroamericanos.

This Week February 17 – 21


I am SO glad to be back at school – not dealing with SNOW!! I hope the weather reporters are wrong and we are DONE!! I know I’ve gotten behind in posting so here are details about what we’ve been doing this week. I’ll post this weekend about next week. 🙂

This week in Language Arts, students will begin a unit on Black History Month. They have been given a research project that is due on Wednesday, February 26th. Students have a list of African Americans in history to choose from. There is a grading scale and a list of internet resources they are allowed to use. Students will choose names from the list and create a “baseball card” on each person. They have to have a minimum of 5 facts on their card, along with a picture of the person. The level of completion will determine the level of their grade. They were given 3 days to research their people and the index cards to use. All work on the cards is to be done outside of school or during free time in class.

In Social Studies class, students are learning about the different aspects of WWI. They are learning about the causes of war, government issues, weapons, trench warfare, propaganda, etc. Every day focuses on a new area and gives them a new activity. At the end of our unit students will have a unit test and will create a product that shows they can apply what they have learned.


Estoy tan contento de estar de vuelta a la escuela, no se ocupen de NIEVE!! Espero que el tiempo los periodistas están equivocados y que nos han hecho!! Sé que he llegado por detrás a la hora de publicar así que aquí están los detalles de lo que hemos estado haciendo esta semana. VOY este fin de semana en la próxima semana. 🙂

Esta semana en Artes del Lenguaje, los estudiantes comenzarán una unidad de Mes de la Historia Negra. Les han dado un proyecto de investigación que es debido el miércoles, 26 febrero. Los estudiantes tienen una lista de los afroamericanos en la historia entre los que elegir. Hay una escala de gradación y una lista de recursos de internet que están autorizados a utilizar. Los estudiantes deben elegir nombres de la lista y crear un “baseball card” en cada persona. Ellos tienen que tener un mínimo de 5 hechos en su tarjeta, junto con una fotografía de la persona. El nivel de terminación, determinar el nivel de su grado. Fueron 3 días de investigar sobre su pueblo y las fichas para su uso. Todos los trabajos de las tarjetas es que hacerse fuera de la escuela, o durante el tiempo libre en la clase.

En los Estudios Sociales de clase, los estudiantes están aprendiendo acerca de los diferentes aspectos de la primera guerra mundial. Están aprendiendo acerca de las causas de la guerra, cuestiones relacionadas con el gobierno, armas, guerra de trincheras, propaganda, etc. Cada día se centra en la nueva zona y les da una nueva actividad. Al final de nuestra unidad los estudiantes tendrán una prueba unitaria y crear un producto que demuestra que pueden aplicar lo que han aprendido.

This Week – December 9th – 13th


It’s hard to believe that we have only two weeks left before Christmas break. Last week in Language Arts, students wrapped up the novel “Farewell to Manzanar” and began our next unit on Science Fiction. In Social Studies, we continued with our focus on Revolutions Around the World with the Industrial Revolution.

This week in Language Arts, students will continue with Science Fiction. We will be comparing and contrasting fiction and non-fiction in the science world. When we come back after the holiday break, we will begin reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

In Social Studies this week, we will be looking at the affects of child labor in America and Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Students will be looking into the laws that put a stop to the abuse of children in the workplace.

This Week – November 25th – 29th


This week is a short week as we take a break to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. Students will be in school on Monday and Tuesday only. This week we will focus on finishing up our current works and community projects.

In Language Arts, students will be taking their novel test on Manzanar, finishing up their research paper, and making Angels for our very first SEMS Christmas Angel Tree.

In Social Studies, on Monday, students will be finishing up their webquest on the French Revolution and on Tuesday, they will be making Christmas cards for our U.S. military.

From our family of teachers, to your family, we wish you a very fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday.

This Week – November 18 – 22, 2013


This week in Language Arts students will be finishing up their reading of Farewell to Manzanar and they will begin a research project on a person in history that has persevered through difficult or challenging times in their life to overcome diversity…They will be researching their chosen person’s historical background, what they have persevered through, and how they became successful.

This week in Social Studies, students will be learning about the French Revolution. They will be getting their information from several different venues. On Monday, their information will come from me :), on Tuesday, they will be constructing a timeline of important events during the revolution, on Wednesday, they will get their information from a Discovery Streaming video, on Thursday and Friday, they will be on a Webquest for information. Students can work on the webquest from home by clicking on the tab at the top of the Home page that reads “French Revolution.”