This Week Oct. 21st – 25th


Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful weekend – I know I sure have. Here is an update of some happenings for this week.

  • Monday is a half day for students. They will be dismissed at 12 noon.
  • Due to its being postponed from the 10th, there will be a home football game against Toisnot on Monday afternoon.
  • This week is Bus Safety Week. Students will be participating in activities to learn and celebrate it. Tell your bus driver you appreciate them. 🙂
  • Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 23rd and going on through Friday, Nov. 1st, students will also participate in activities that observe Red Ribbon Week. Some of those days will be designated as “Dress Days” for a $1 to raise money for local drug rehab programs and shelters.
  • Students will be taking a ClassScape assessment in their Language Arts class
  • On Thursday, Oct. 24th, there will be a home football game against Martin Middle. Come out and support the Football Dragons!

In Language Arts, we started learning a little background information on the novel Farewell to Manzanar and some classes even started reading it. 🙂 We will be working on our Perseverance Unit for about 4 weeks. Students will be completing an in-class research project. More details will go home later.

In Social Studies classes, this week will continue our journey throughout Asian Dynasties. Students will be learning about the Ottoman Empire and the lasting achievements of Asian societies. They will be taking a Unit Test on Friday. 🙂



This Week October 14th – 18th


This week in Language Arts, we will beginning a new unit that focuses on the book, Farewell to Manzanar, which is a memoir that is based on the life of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. Mrs. Houston and her family were in the United States when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. This book is based on her experiences in a Japanese interment camp. Students will be learning historical background information this week and we will begin reading on Thursday or Friday. 🙂

In Social Studies, students will be learning about Ancient China and the Dynasties that have ruled it. They will be learning about the Mongolian conquests, the contributions each dynasty brought to the world, and why this information is important to our modern world.

As you know, this week is also spirit week. Different themes have been assigned to each day of the week. I’ll try to post pictures at the end of the week. Thursday is our Homecoming football game and there is a dance immediately following the game.  I look forward to seeing how everyone dresses. 🙂

This Week October 7th – 11th


This week in Language Arts, students will continue working with poetry: specifically, figurative language. They have been working with partners and in groups this past week, so this week they will be working independently. They will also be taking their 2nd ClassScape test to assess their knowledge of poetry.

This week in Social Studies–we will be concluding our unit on Early Exploration.  We will be covering Native American Conflict on the East Coast, the Scientific Revolution, and The Enlightenment.  Students will be creating an artifact, learning about a scientist, and sharing what they have learned. There will be a Unit Test on Thursday to ensure that students are learning!  A reminder that the Social Studies Project is due on October 10th!

There is no school on Friday. This is a teacher workday.

If you have any questions, see the Contact Information page on ways to ask them. 🙂

This Week Sept. 23 – 27


Hello Parents!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend!  This week will be a very busy week in both Language Arts and Social Studies.  Your students will be learning new topics in both subjects.

In Social Studies we will begin learning about the Triangle Trade Route.  We will be discussing new vocabulary words, and doing an online interactive lesson.   We will also be participating in a simulation on Thursday; we are asking students to bring in fruit, potato chips in sealed bags, toy animals such as cows, sheep, horses, coffee, sugar, Kleenex (this is an excellent time to get those extra credit points), cloth, or other items.  Please note that we will not be consuming items, and all items can be returned after the simulation if needed.  Please do not send items that would require heat or refrigeration.  Students will be awarded a “treat” if brought in.

In Language Arts, we will be looking at how authors and artists are similar in that both groups of creators use their own experiences as motivation or inspiration for their work. Students will be responding to art pieces in poems and next week they will be creating their own piece of art to interpret poems.

This is also a reminder that Progress Reports went home on Thursday. Please sign and return if not already done so. Returning progress reports counts as a homework grade. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.