United Streaming Video Segment List

The following video clips can be accessed at www.unitedstreaming.com, by entering the

video heading in the search category. The specific video segments can be accessed by

clicking on “video segments.” This list of segments corresponds to the questions for the

lesson and will also help with the research for the newspaper project. You can replay

the clips over and over until you have the information that you need for your assignments.

Video Heading: Civilizations: Expansion and Conquest time

Segment #1 Rise of Nationalism 6:36

Segment #2 Serfdom and Early Reforms 4:18

Segment #3 Communism and the Soviet Union 4:24

Video Heading: Men of Our Time: Lenin time

Segment #1 Lenin Takes Control 5:01

Segment #2 Lenin’s Rebuilding of Russia 2:36

Segment #3 Civil War and International Involvement 7:10

Segment #4 The New Soviet State 4:10