Use this link to answer the following questions about the French Revolution.

  1. Give a description of the following people. Include who they were and how they were important to the French Revolution.King Louis XVIMarie Antoinette

    Maximilian de Robespierre

    John Paul Marat

    Georges Jacques Danton

    Marquis de Lafayette

    Jacques Necker

  2. The Ancien Regime system was based on the concentration of all political, social and economic power between three classes. What were the three classes and what groups of people were found in each class?
  3. Create a pie chart that gives a visual representation of how the Estates divided up the population.
  4. What were the four causes of the French Revolution?
  5. What countries were connected by the marriage of Louis and Antoinette?
  6. What were the grievances (complaints) of the French people in 1789?
  7. What act actually started the French Revolution?
  8. What did the third estate want, and why?
  9. What is the Tennis Court Oath?
  10. What is the Bastille? Describe how it fell?
  11. What was the significance of the Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens?
  12. What happened during the escape to Varennes?
  13. What was the purpose of the Women’s March to Versailles?
  14. Was the Reign of Terror successful? In what sense?
  15. What was the purpose of the Committee for Public Safety? Was it successful?
  16. What was the role of the guillotine in the French Revolution?
  17. How do we see Robespiere change over the course of the Revolution?
  18. What was the guillotine? Describe execution before, during, and after it’s use?
  19. Were the original aims of the revolutionaries achieved?
  20. In what ways did the revolution change over time?

These are the parodies we watched in class.