Introduction:The Native American Museum has been open for almost two years now. Unfortunately, the committee which develops exhibits feels as if the Powhatan tribe portion of the museum is too boring. People who have been in the museum complain that there isn’t enough information about the tribe and that there are hardly any artifacts. They have asked that your class develop a simulated exhibit in your classroom. You must include 6 different areas; Location, Art, Home, Transportation, Food and Occupation.

Task: The Museum curators groups will focus on one of the following aspects of the museum; location, art, home, transportation, food or occupation. In conclusion, the students will have to identify, describe and create a replica artifact for the designated topic to replace the original artifact.

Process: The learners will accomplish this task by researching the assigned topics using the specific resources designated by the teacher.

Search the listed websites for the specific information
Write 3-5 facts about the topic
Include 2 pictures of the artifact
List materials needed to recreate the artifact
Gather artifact materials
Create the artifact

Timeline for Today’s Webquest

Fact finding (20 minutes)

Planning (10 minutes)

Creating Product (20 Minutes)

Wrap Up – Clean Up (10 minutes)


Click on the tribe name in order to view the websites needed to complete this task.



Evaluation: The museum committee will be evaluate each project using a teacher/student created rubric.  The student will compare the lives and contributions of American Indians (First Americans), with emphasis on the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands.


Write 3-5 Facts
(1 point per fact)
_____ points
Include 2 Pictures
(1 point per picture)
_____ points
Materials List
(0-3 points)
_____ points
Create Artifact
(0-3 points)
_____ points

Everyone has an equal part in the group
(0-2 points)

_____ points
Looks like the real thing
(0-3 points)
_____ points
Total Number
_____ points

*The museum curators must have at least 13 points to receive a passing score.

Conclusion: As a class, you have researched, studied, and created everything needed for the museum committee. Now, you have to create the exhibit in your classroom so your teacher can take pictures of the exhibit and send the samples to the committee.